From 30 second commercial spots to feature length films, video is perhaps the most powerful way to communicate with a modern audience. Video can be deeply impactful – it can move us, take us to another world, teach us or entertain us – all at once.

For all those reasons and more, Session 7 Media is passionate about film and video in all respects. In addition to being a full-service video production company, we are regularly involved in film festivals, film contests, special interest projects and the production of independent films and documentaries.

What We Do:

Perhaps a better question would be; what don’t we do? Session 7 Media thrives on a challenge and our portfolio speaks to our love of producing a range of media for different applications. This includes but is not limited to:

• Traditional commercial spots
• Product demonstration spots or “sizzles”
• Virtual property/location tours
• Virtual animation and 3D image rendering
• Music videos and photo shoots
• Editorials, interviews and supplementary content
• Digital marketing content for platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and other hosting platforms

How We Do It:

In addition to our customized step-by-step production method, Session 7 Media studios are equipped with the latest in digital editing technologies. This gives the client a stunning, cinema-grade product and gives us the excuse to always have new toys.

Every piece of media we create with the following at minimum:

• Professional, high-end video capture using professional-grade video and audio recording equipment
• Digital post-production editing using industry-standard software and technology
• Professional titling and motion graphics
• True color correction
• High quality HD video output in all industry standard platforms
• Customized DVD menus (when applicable)

Why Session 7 Media:

Creating Professional Quality Video:

Today’s marketplace is a challenging one, forcing companies large and small to rethink how they reach out to customers across traditional and emerging platforms. No matter the audience, a truly spectacular piece of media never fails to grab the attention of any demographic. Session 7 Media provides clients with the opportunity to marry stunning, cinema-grade imagery with well-defined messaging. We achieve these goals for our clients and ourselves not only by using the best available technology in our field but also with our uncompromising Session 7 Media aesthetic standards.

Training and Technical Expertise:

The staff at Session 7 Media is driven firstly by a passion for all things film and our interest in the medium doesn’t stop at commercial production. In our over 10 years of video production experience we have worked in many mediums, including independent short films, documentaries, music videos, editorials and much more. We are active supporters of our peer s and colleagues through organizations such as the Northwest Film Forum.

We Want to Produce Your Next Video

We can’t wait to make your ideas a reality. Whether it’s an entertaining video introduction for your next presentation or the music video for the title track of your debut album, we know we can produce a unique piece of media that will set you apart from the crowd. Please email us at or give us a call at 206-669-2264 to talk about how we can make your next video project a huge hit!