Created for The 100 Hour Film Race 2011 (

YEAR: 2011
SYNOPSIS: A botched robbery leaves a couple of cowboys in a tight spot until a deal is made that seals the fate of them all.

The British Butcher: Jim Burgess
Lollipop Jack: Conner Marx
Eddie: Gregory Paul
Smithy: Cory Rain
Grey Arabian Horse: Shasta
Kiger Mustang Horse: Luna

Writer / Director: Sam Nuttmann
Director of Photography: Ryan Wardwell
Producer: Erin Weathers
Camera Operator: Ryan Wardwell and Sam Nuttmann
Sound Engineer: Andy Dopieralski
Assistant Sound Engineer: Girard Fleur
Lead Grip: Garvin Carrell
Wardrobe and Make-up: Chris Jonason
Production Assistant: Holly Merrill and Dana Freeman
Stunt Coordinator: Chris Jonason
Editor: Sam Nuttmann and Ryan Wardwell
Original Music: Gregory Paul

Horses provided and managed by Chris Jonason and the

Special thanks to indiSYSTEM Camera Gear and Red Giant Software

Shot on location in Index, Washington, USA.

© Session 7 Media. All Rights Reserved.

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