Skateboarding MoVI Test Shoot


Session 7 Media ( joined up some friends for an all-nighter chasing a skateboarder through the bumpy streets of Seattle, Washington to film some test footage for an upcoming skateboard film. In this film they talk about the footage and the experience of using the Freefly MōVI.

Red Light Vintage at Studio X

Red Light Vintage at Studio X

YEAR: 2013 SYNOPSIS: Behind the scenes with photographer/stylist Olivia Lazer at Studio X in Seattle, WA.

The Artifact – A short film

The Artifact - A short film

YEAR: 2012 SYNOPSIS: A young girl’s life is changed forever when she encounters a mysterious man and the unusual wares he carries with him.

Connect To – A short film


YEAR: 2011 SYNOPSIS: Connect To is a story about friendship and how two young women — in the process of running away — collide in the middle of the night. On a bus. Laurie needs sleep, while Whitney needs to finish singing all of the songs on her iPod. After a blow up at 3 am, will these two make …

No String Attached – A short film

No String Attached - A short film

Created for The 100 Hour Film Race 2011 ( YEAR: 2011 SYNOPSIS: A botched robbery leaves a couple of cowboys in a tight spot until a deal is made that seals the fate of them all.

Out Of Darkness – A short film


JUDGES CHOICE AWARD, RENTON FILM FESTIVAL 2010 SYNOPSIS: Upon receiving the news that she has terminal brain cancer, a young woman struggles to deal with the news.

Phantom Theater – A short film


SYNOPSIS: A small town is terrorized by an ex-tv show host Mr. Fright, who takes Halloween tricks a little too far.

Where I Go – A short film


WINNER OF 4 AWARDS, SEATTLE 24 HOUR FILM RACE 2010 ( Best Cinematography Best Original Music Score Best Set Design Best Costume Design SYNOPSIS: Where do we go when our consciousness cannot deal with reality? Perhaps that special place can be what saves us.